Wrap your infinity dress with a long-sleeve top

Our lace (or mesh) wrap tops/bolero’s are incredibly popular for bridesmaids and brides who wants to keep the chill at bay. Wrap the top with your infinity dress for a continuous feel. When you are too hot – just take the top off and wrap your infinity dress in your favourite style!

You can wear your […]

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Dusty Pink – Girly Grace

Dusty pink or blush pink has always been timelessly elegant and romantic for weddings that could never be dated from the wedding photos alone. Soft blush and cream hues are combined with florals, ribbons and the softest fabrics for a swoon-worthy wedding day of true femininity and romance.

Once you have your wedding look picked out, […]

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6 or more Bridesmaids?

Struggling to find bridesmaid dresses for your wedding party?

Try our infinity bridesmaid dresses – it is a great affordable option for bridesmaids and wedding dresses.
We use lycra-type fabrics as it flows well, stretch and fit most body types. It is a very forgiving dress and doesn’t show unwanted bumps.

It is especially flattering for […]

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Bolero’s and Wrap tops – winter essentials

Give your bridesmaids dresses a little something extra! Our lace wrap tops sit comfortably over your infinity dress to completely transform your dress.

Some brides who want to have a little more reserve at the ceremony or even keep the chill at bay as we head into the cooler months can add lace or mesh bolero’s […]

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Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter is my favorite season for a wedding. Since fewer weddings take place during these chilly months, yours will naturally stand out, and there are so many wonderful ways to embrace the season!

While summer brides are busy worrying about how to sweat-proof their makeup and how to avoid overheating in their ballgowns, you get […]

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6 Ways To Spice Up Your Dress

Sometimes you just need to add a few small extras to really help your dress stand out from the crowd. Here are a few DIY and affordable tricks you can try and help spice up your next dress.

Embellish Your Heels With Crystals. Simply get a few crystals, rhinestones work best, glue and tweezers and apply […]

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Wedding Dress Trends Over The Years

Weddings have been taking place for centuries, the different ceremonies each reflect the period and culture of when they took place. One of the most instantly recognisable items from a modern

Western wedding is the white wedding dress. Although the dress has remained an integral part of the wedding ceremony, the styles have changed throughout the […]

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How To Pick The Right Dress According To Your Skin Tone, Eye Colour

Everyone has a unique set of physical attributes, and choosing the right clothes to compliment your skin tone, hair and eye colour can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to
picking out the right dress from your wardrobe or shopping rail:

Know Your Skin Tone Profile: Everyone has a favourite item […]

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How To Choose The Right Dress For The Right Occasion

Knowing exactly which dress to wear on specific occasions can be a bit tricky at times.

Here are a few basic guidelines to ensure that you choose exactly the right dress for that next big event:

Smart Casual: A black or darker coloured pencil skirt worn with a silk or cotton button­down shirt works best. This is […]

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