6 Ways To Spice Up Your Dress

6 Ways To Spice Up Your Dress

Sometimes you just need to add a few small extras to really help your dress stand out from the crowd. Here are a few DIY and affordable tricks you can try and help spice up your next dress.

Embellish Your Heels With Crystals. Simply get a few crystals, rhinestones work best, glue and tweezers and apply to your heels. Pre­plan your design beforehand to help you see what the finished product will look like.


Cut Out The Back. You might need some basic sewing skills to pull this one off, but if you do you’ll be able to restyle that old, tired dress into something new and unique. Also decide beforehand where exactly you are planning to cut and sew.

Use Head Accessories. These really help set the mood for your overall outfit. A flower crown with a sun­dress is perfect for that Spring day in the park while an ethereal tiara with a formal dress will give your evening look a glamorous finish.Add Embellishments. Use fabric from older clothing items to add frills, bow belts, tassels, ribbons or trims to your dress. This will also require some basic sewing and stitching skills, but will give your dress a new life.

Add A Belt. By adding belt, you are giving your dress a more modern and formal look ideal for a variety of occasions. You could either buy one or try your hand at making your own from loose materials.

Wear A Stylish Hat. Hats are a great way to show off your personality while adding extra style to any outfit. There are perfect hats for any season and hairstyle, giving more than enough options for anyone to pick from.

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