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Colour Play – Mismatched Bridesmaids

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses bring your wedding attire into the 21st century and let your pals be the individuals that you love them to be.

Why limit yourself to one colour when you can dazzle guests with infinity bridesmaid dresses in your wedding colour theme? Bridesmaid dresses in different colours create a truly eye-catching display and ensure that every bridal party member gets to wear the style dress that makes her feel most confident. Unless your entire bridal party consists only of models, chances are everyone is going to have a different body shape.


Our infinity dresses are perfect for different body types and different personal styles. Wrap the dress to suit your body type. It is a very forgiving dress and doesn’t show unwanted bumps. It is especially flattering for plus-size bodies.


To keep this mismatched bridesmaid style looking intentional, set your sights on one colour theme for all your infinity dresses.  Same colour family, different styles.

You can keep things broad with a colour family (pastels), start with a general colour (purple), or narrow it down to a specific shade (lilac).


Make sure you are in the same colour family – pantone colours, dirty undertones, pastels, solids. Varieties of colours may differ in hue, chroma or lightness.


Not everyone interprets colour the same way (grass green and lime green are technically both green, if you get my drift). So if you want everyone’s outfits to look mostly cohesive, choose a single shade and then stick with it. Set up a Pinterest board with your colour choices and post fabric swatches with your colours. It’ll make it easier for everyone to choose their infinity dress colour. Keep in mind your bridesmaid’s skin tones as well. will help you choose the correct tones to compliment each other.


If you’re not into so much matching, or just want to increase your chances of everyone being able to wear their outfit again, you can stick with one colour (or colour family) and let everyone dictate their own style with our infinity dresses.

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  1. Riana-Lee Leschinsky

    How much is the infinity dresses and what types of green is available?

    1. Tanja

      Hi Riana-Lee. I have sent you an email with photos and pricing.

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