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How To Choose The Right Dress For The Right Occasion

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Knowing exactly which dress to wear on specific occasions can be a bit tricky at times.

Here are a few basic guidelines to ensure that you choose exactly the right dress for that next big event:

Smart Casual: A black or darker coloured pencil skirt worn with a silk or cotton button­down shirt works best. This is ideal for business functions or after­work meet ups.

Dressy Casual: Silk skirts or dresses work best here, coupled with leather patent flats with embellishments such as buckles, bows or prints. Traditionally, lighter colour tones work best on
these occasions. Wear this to dinner invites at restaurants or at a friends place.

Business Casual: A casual dress with a nice pair of flats, or alternatively a skirt with a long-sleeved or three­quarter top also works. Both lighter and dark colours work, dress according to your skin tone profile. Can be worn to office functions, or every day at the office.

Cocktail Attire: Wear a shorter, black dress with frills at the bottom, with a pair of heels or other formal shoes. Accessorising to suit your mood brings the outfit together. Dark colours work best with this. Birthday parties, formal events or other cocktail gatherings.

White Tie Attire: Floor length gown, long gloves and formal shoes complete this outfit. As the name suggests, white clothing and items are essential. Charity events, weddings, formal events
or the opera.

Black Tie Events: A dark floor length gown or a more formal cocktail dress are perfect. Darker colours are more appropriate, along with darker accessories. Where to formal dinner parties, fundraisers or exclusive events.

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