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How To Pick The Right Dress According To Your Skin Tone, Eye Colour

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Everyone has a unique set of physical attributes, and choosing the right clothes to compliment your skin tone, hair and eye colour can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips to
picking out the right dress from your wardrobe or shopping rail:

Know Your Skin Tone Profile: Everyone has a favourite item of clothing, but is it the right colour for you? Warm and cool undertones determine which colours best fit your skin tone. To determine which skin tone you are, lift your arm and take a look at your wrist. If blue veins are visible you have a cool skin tone profile, if not you have a warm skin tone profile.

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Understand The Colour Wheel: When choosing the right accessories and clothing to best match your dress it’s important to which colours compliment one another. Using a colour wheel is simple and effective way to determine which shoes, jerseys or other clothing items best match. Always remember that the item of clothing nearest to your face should match your skin tone profile.


Sort Your Wardrobe According To Colour: Organise your wardrobe and see which colours are most prevalent, and which colours are missing. This way you’ll be able to easily organise your
next outfit, see which colours you favour and find out which complimentary colours are missing.

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