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Winter Wonderland Wedding

Winter is my favorite season for a wedding. Since fewer weddings take place during these chilly months, yours will naturally stand out, and there are so many wonderful ways to embrace the season!

While summer brides are busy worrying about how to sweat-proof their makeup and how to avoid overheating in their ballgowns, you get to wrap yourself in a luxurious fur bolero, or winter white cape, or skip the heels in favour of comfy boots under your dress.

Stunning ice blue or silver infinity dresses for the Bridesmaids complimented with blingy silver heels and matching bowties, ties and waistcoats for the gents to go with their sharp suits or tuxedos.

Stationers will encompass your specific colour scheme into their bespoke designs and your invitations are the first impession that guests get of your special day or event.
A design that has a little bit of sparkle or a snowflake motif will blend beautifully.

For a wintry twist on the Champagne reception, consider having hot chocolate, white hot chocolate or gluwein as a warming alternative.

Floristry beautiful blooms with blue hues will be a striking compliment to the dazzling white of the bridal gown and ice blue infinity dresses.

You could also consider topiary tree’s with twinkle lights at the entrance to your venue, and with table arrangement ideas, you could have large vases of white or silver twigs to continue through the glittering forest aspect of your theme.

For your cake, a wintry theme could be followed through in the classic white of the cake perhaps enhanced by silver ribbons or snowflake motif.
Whatever aspects of this theme you bring to your event, your guests will be wowed and their hearts warmed !

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