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Easy to order Infinity Dresses

Are your bridesmaids scattered all over the world? It is super easy to order Infinity Dresses! No fittings required. Just send measurements.

Infinity Dresses have been a great affordable option for bridesmaids, formal and wedding dresses.

One dress = so many options!

Ways to wrap your infinity dress

It is a very forgiving dress and doesn’t show unwanted bumps. Especially flattering for plus-size bodies.

Infinity dresses are made to your measurements (not one-size-fits-all) from lycra-type fabrics that doesn’t cling (no t-shirt fabrics!!).

No frills – Easy to Order!

  1. Choose your colour

We offer more than 300 colours to choose from – including mesh and lace overlays.

Infinity Dress Colours

We buy direct from local and international fabric wholesalers. Occasionally certain colours may be out of stock, so it is very important to order infinity dresses as soon as possible to ensure your colour is in stock.

If you require a specific colour, I will source it for you at no extra cost.

2. Choose Fabric

Our fabrics are expertly selected to suit each occasion. They are very forgiving, not clingy and doesn’t show unwanted bumps. Please note our dresses are NOT made of t-shirt fabrics (viscose lycra, cotton lycra, etc)!

Bon Bon or Trilobal or Champagne Lycra?

  • Bon Bon is by far the more superior fabric to order infinity dresses. A matt fabric that is beautifully flowy and elegant for all types of wedding and events. Bon Bon doesn’t cling nor crease. Wear your dress straight from your suitcase. It is especially flattering for plus-size bodies.
Emerald Green Bon Bon from R950 each
Soft Pink Bon Bon from R950 each
  • Trilobal is a budget fabric and works well for young flower girl dresses and infinity bridesmaid dresses. It drapes well and is slightly less stretchy than Bon Bon. This is a great option if you are on a tight budget. Not advisable for plus-size figures.
Turquoise Trilobal Maxi from R750 each
Light Sage & Dusty Pink Trilobal from R750 each
  • Champagne Lycra is our most exclusive fabric with a slight sheen luster. Not shiny! Perfect for very formal and evening functions. Lycra drapes well and with that slight shimmer just adds magic to the evening. Available in Champagne Beige Lycra or Champagne Gold Lycra.
Gold Champagne Lycra
Beige Champagne Lycra

3. Send Measurements

All dresses are made to your measurements. No need for an appointment or to see a tailor. Only two measurements required.

Measure tightly around your ribcage underneath your bust. If you are plus-size, do not add extra centimeters. Our infinity dress skirts are very wide, but the top elastic needs to fit tightly around your underbust. If you add extra centimeters to your underbust measurement, the dress will be too big, hang at the back and not fit properly.

Underbust (not waist)

Measure from your Underbust down to the floor or to where the hem needs to end.

Maxi (long) dresses: Make sure to include your heel height if you are wearing very high heels. Ideally measure to the floor (not to the ankle).

Mini (short) dresses: Measure to wear the hem needs to end. On the knee, above the knee, under the knee. Every figure has a certain ideal “mini” length that is flattering to their body type.

Underbust to Floor (long length)
Underbust to Mini (short length)

4. Email order

All dresses are custom made at our factories in Cape Town or George, South Africa. Our dedicated staff will process your order. Email your ladies’ measurements to and we will process your order. Easy as that! You can also call or WhatsApp Tanja on +27 72 600 8354.

5. Payment

We will issue the invoice as soon as the dresses are done. No payment required upfront. Certain orders might have to pay a 30% deposit, but this will be discussed before processing your order.

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    how can i buy a infinity dress when it doesn’t show the price and the style how it look from the back

    1. Tanja

      Good day Kiomy – I will answer via email.

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