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Don’t Over Pay for Bridesmaid Dresses

To shop for bridesmaid dresses isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Trying to choose styles and colours for an entire group of women can feel impossible. Different body shapes, skin tones, affordability. How are you supposed to know which bridesmaid dresses are the best option?

Infinity Dress at Daisy Island will answer these questions. We understand every woman has a different figure, so not all fabrics and styles will work for everyone. You and your girls deserve the best for your wedding day. Informed buyers are smart buyers.

How Much Should I Pay for a Bridesmaid Dress?

Bridesmaid dresses can range from R350 to over R3000. According to surveys, bridesmaid dresses cost an average of R1000 per person. So, why the huge price range? The surprisingly cheap and way too expensive price points come at a cost – and we’re not just talking money.

Don’t get ripped you off! By knowing what to look for when bridesmaid dress shopping, you will get a lot more bang for your buck.

Things you should pay for:

  • Quality fabrics and materials.
  • Personal customer service & experience.
  • Professional advice.
  • Styles and colours that work for your wedding party.

Things you should not pay for:

  • Brand names.
  • Cheap imports.
  • Fly-by-night companies.
  • Over marked-up dresses.
Bad measurements
Cheap imports

A reasonable price range is R750 – R1500. A cheaper price point usually means a drastic decline in the quality and design. Pay more, and you’ll simply be buying a dress for the brand name. (No-one at the wedding will see the designer on your tag.)

What Are High Quality Fabrics & Materials?

When bridesmaid dress shopping, it’s easy to overlook the quality of the dress. We don’t blame you! While it’s fun to focus on the style and color, it’s important to consider the materials you’ll be wearing.


Our most popular infinity dress fabric is Bon Bon that starts @ R895 per dress. Take into account that longer dresses will be more expensive, and those requiring more fabric will be pricier.

Specialty fabrics include lace, mesh and sequins. These will be more expensive, as fabrics are imported. Although you may find prices under R500, this level of quality will give off some serious Halloween-costume vibes.

infinity bridesmaid dress
Bon Bon
Lace infinity dress
Sequins infinity dress


The most popular choice for the convertible dress. A four-way stretch matt fabric which is beautifully flowy and elegant for all types of weddings and parties. Bon Bon does not crease nor cling. It is especially flattering for plus-size bodies.

Infinity Dress
Maxi Bon Bon Infinity Dresses from R895 each


This budget fabric doesn’t stretch as much as bon bon, however this matt fabric still works well for bridesmaids and flower girls if you are on a tight budget. It is very easy to dress up or down. Not recommended for plus-size figures.

Infinity Dress
Maxi Trilobal Infinity Dresses from R695 each


The most formal fabric with a slight shimmer/shine. Perfect for very formal weddings and evening functions.

Champagne Bridesmaid Dress
Champagne Lycra Infinity Dresses from R1150 each


Fantastic for very formal functions and to add some sparkle to your wedding theme.

Infinity Sequins Dress
Infinity Mesh Dress with Sequin Boobtube
from R1550 each
Sequins Dress
Infinity Dress with Sequins Skirt
from R1900 each

Other factors to consider:

1. Double Liners. If your bridesmaids are wearing a light colour dress, it might be wise to line the dress or double the straps. We also offer boobtubes and mesh or lace skirt overlays to avoid being see-through. Unless you want your guests’ attention on your MOH’s polkadot underwear, invest in a double liner!

Dress with Boobtube
Boobtube @ R100 each
Infinity Maternity Dress
Maternity Lace Skirt
from R950 each

2. Structure. If you’re searching for a flattering dress that fits better and stays in place, structure is important. We add a 2cm wide elastic to the underbust of the infinity dress skirt so that it doesn’t hang at the back, making your hem look uneven.

3. Adjustable Straps. Our infinity dress straps are cut to your measurements to enable you to wrap the dress to suit your body type. Plus-size figures gets wider and longer straps to keep everything in place.

More than 30 ways to wear your dress

4. Overlays. Don’t fear if you are pear-shaped or just had a baby and want to hide that unwanted muffin top!! You can opt for a mesh or lace overlay to wear over your infinity dress to smooth everything out. The overlay is separate and is worn over your infinity dress.

Infinity dress Mesh
Infinity Dress with Mesh Skirt Overlay
From R950 each
Infinity Dress Lace
Infinity Dress with Lace Skirt Overlay
From R950 each

5. Tops. Winter wedding? Conscious about your arms? Get a wrap top or bolero in lace or mesh. It wraps beautifully with the infinity dress and looks like one complete dress. This is very popular for plus-size figures that just wants to cover up a little bit more.

Infinity Wrap Top
Wrap Top
Lace or Mesh @ R350 each
Lace or Mesh @ R350 each

Contact Tanja on Cellphone or WhatsApp: +27 72 600 8354 for professional advice on your wedding party requirements. You can also email: or complete our contact form.

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  1. Lisa

    Hi Tanya
    Is the mesh skirt overlay Infinity dress in bon bon fabric R950 including the mesh skirt overlay? Also, is the overlay attached to the dress or separate?
    What is the cost of lining per dress?
    Do you recommend lining for the Arctic blue colour or will mesh overlay hide any bumps for plus sized ladies?
    Am I able to fit a dress before purchasing?
    Do you accept & refund for returns?

    1. Tanja

      Good day Lisa. Apologies for the late response. I will reply to your questions via email.

  2. Natiba

    Boa tarde, gostaria de ter uma cotação para os vestidos infinity lycra, 6 vestidos cor salmao para enviar para pretoria.

    1. Tanja

      Vestidos maxi em Bon Bon @ R795 cada
      Maxi Dresses in Trilobal @ R650 cada
      Vestido Mermaid Infinity @ R795 cada
      Os preços acima são para no mínimo 5 ou mais vestidos.

    2. Tanja

      Courier to Pretoria @ ZAR150 para o pacote

  3. Kaamilah

    Hi Tanja. I’m looking for 3 mint green infinity dresses. In trilobal. Maxi. Would they be650 each.
    Regards Kaamilah

    1. Tanja

      Good day Kaamilah

      We will gladly make the mint dresses for you. I will send photos and pricing to your email address.


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