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Your wedding and Corona Virus

For anyone that is supposed to be getting married midst the corona virus hysteria, it’s probably time to come up with some contingency plans for your wedding. Consider all your options before you completely cancel.

Because of the fast-spreading nature of this illness, quarantines have been issued in several countries in an effort to slow the spread. As a result, many factories and businesses have closed down, specifically ones in China, which is where 80% of western wedding dresses are produced. The effects have now spread to many areas of the world and we are starting to see lock-downs in major countries.

Our overall advice is to be prepared. Make sure you’re following the news and maintaining consistent conversations with your wedding planner, vendors, and guests. Herewith some helpful notes to answer those pressing questions and to help you stay organised throughout this trying time.


If your wedding is within the next 12 months, there is a large possibility that your plans could be majorly impacted. Now that the virus is spreading rapidly throughout the world and South Africa is under lock-down, you will want to make the hard decision to postpone.

Although we’re not sure how long with this will last for, it looks to be a long-term measure, which in turn will affect weddings taking place in South Africa and abroad.

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Wedding Event Suppliers

If you do consider postponing your wedding, contact your venue, photographer, florist, caterer, videographer, wedding planner and anyone else involved in the planning process. Ensure that you have another optional date in mind and call your suppliers to ensure that they’re still available and discuss their views on the situation. Ask if there are any penalties for changing the date. It might be that, in lieu of this pandemic, they will change the date for free.

Interviews with dozens of industry pros including Robijn Benade from Ruby Bee Events in Cape Town suggest that, flexibility is crucial when it comes to rescheduling dates. As best as they can manage financially, they’re inclined to observe a sense of goodwill in the face of a universal crisis and overlook contract clauses – known as force majeures – that would normally impose a financial penalty on couples for postponements.

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Start communicating with your guests NOW. Most couples create a wedding website to keep guests informed with their planning progress and any wedding updates. We suggest proactively adding a blurb to your wedding website acknowledging the corona virus and letting guests know you will keep them in the loop regarding new wedding plans. Find out who is at risk for potentially being unable to attend due to travel or health reasons.

Contact your wedding guests NOW!

If You are Waiting on Dresses

80% of bridal gowns are manufactured in China, as well as other overseas destinations. For this reason, wedding boutiques who are awaiting the shipment of such dresses are backed up. Local boutiques and designers will still be able to deliver your dress once the lock-down is over. Most wedding stores are prioritizing brides that have weddings coming up, however, shipping dates are being pushed back to 30 weeks instead of 14 – and it’s changing weekly. Talk to your wedding dress designer and your bridesmaid dress supplier to inform her of your new wedding date.

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The Honeymoon

It is very likely that your honeymoon will be affected. Be sure to contact your airline, travel agency or hotel, to understand what measures they are taking during this crisis and perhaps get their advice on what is best for you moving forward.

Most brands are being generous with their policies at the moment in light of this unprecedented situation. Airbnb is giving full refunds, and we’ve heard good things about many airlines being more flexible with their typical policies as well.

Have you considered Wedding Insurance?

It’s not the first thing on everyone’s list, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the corona virus pandemic is to expect the unexpected. Whether your venue cancels last minute or your caterer refuses to turn up, you’ll be prepared for the unexpected. – Have your cake and piece of mind too provides financial protection if things do not go according to plan on your special day. Their wedding insurance claims are made up of everything from damage to the venue, to weather cancellations and more.

 Move Forward

As soon as possible, move with positivity towards your new wedding plan. With the help of your partner, your loved ones and your vendor team, your wedding will still be an unforgettable day. Whenever there is a problem, there is always a solution to the problem.

We are wishing you all the best for your wedding day, no matter when or how it takes place.

Stay Safe and contact us if you need further information!


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