You are currently viewing LOCK DOWN SALE – Order now, Pay later

LOCK DOWN SALE – Order now, Pay later

3 x Maxi Bon Bon Dresses @ R2250

  • Infinity dresses in elegant soft Bon Bon fabric – no budget or t-shirt fabrics!!
  • Promotion prices are applicable to orders of 3 x Maxi infinity dresses in Bon Bon only, no overlays.
  • Only measurements and colour choices required via email.
  • All dresses are made according to your measurements.
  • Online/email orders only – or WhatsApp 072 600 8354
  • Delivery via courier @ R130 per parcel.
  • Promotion valid for orders placed by 30 April 2020.

Measurements required:

  • Underbust
  • Underbust to required length
Measurements required

We ship to all countries including Namibia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Botswana, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria and Europe.

Promotion valid for orders placed by 30 April 2020

Delivery within 2 – 3 weeks after lock down is lifted or after placing your order.

Email your ladies’ measurements to: or WhatsApp 072 600 8354

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  1. Simone Walstroom

    Good day.

    Just wanted to know if you guys by any chance do just skirts

    1. Tanja

      Good day Simone. We can definitely do skirts for you. Please send me a photo of the skirt required.


  2. Nicolette

    I need long infinity dresses black x 5 can you give me a price

    1. Tanja

      Dear Nicolette. I will send you an email with the prices.


  3. Suzel

    Good day. Any promotions at the moment? I need 3 bridesmaid dresses.

  4. Lindsay Powell

    Good afternoon, I was wondering whether this sale has been extended at all or if it is over?

  5. Chrizelda Jacobs

    Good Day are we allowed to come and see? We are 3 ladies interested for a wedding in September. We are looking at green but more different shades for each one. Do you make the infinity jumpsuit?

  6. Elize Malander

    Good morning I would like to please find out how much is one infinity dress in emerald green and how long dose it take to order from Namibia all cost included…

    Thank you
    Elize Malander

    1. Tanja

      Good day Elize. I will send you an email with photos and price list.
      Regards, Tanja

  7. Danell Kotze


    Do you have a catalog of all the different colours ect

  8. Jessica Cloete

    Good day
    Is this promotion still available?

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